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Pamela is passionate, quick witted and on her game in everything she does! Drawing upon her years of experience as a licensed therapist, she is able to tap into and provide support to her clients in a unique way. She brings her clients successfully across the finish line to achieve their goals, with a care that is unmatched. Pamela specializes in working with first time home buyers and those who are needing to size up as their lives expand.

Having lived in Oakland for nearly 20 years, and being a homeowner for over a decade, she knows the East Bay well. Ask any of her community – Pamela is the first one who is in the know for a new restaurant, or community event. She can tell you all about the liveliest neighborhoods to live in, or the best community to raise your children. As a dedicated lover of life and foodie who now has a family of her own, experiencing milestones while living in Oakland have added to her understanding of what the different neighborhoods in the East Bay have to offer.

Like many, she did not come to real estate in a linear fashion. Throughout her career, Pamela has worked primarily as a therapist, and on top of that, for the last 10 years she has worked as a marketing consultant to realtors and real estate firms, staying ahead of the trends in a dynamically changing industry. She understands the nuances of the business and discovered her passion for becoming a Realtor®. After learning from her own experiences on both the buying and selling end of transactions, she saw the need for realtors who understand the ever-changing East Bay housing market, and those who can walk first time home buyers through the home buying process.

In her free time you can find Pamela running the lake, wine tasting in Sonoma, watching her son Paul play soccer with her fiancé, or hiking with friends! 

Work With Annie

Annie’s core values are integrity, listening, working hard, providing a value service for clients and ultimately being the conduit to building a better future for others. In the dynamic market that is Bay Area real estate, she is in it for the long-haul, with over a decade of experience. If you’d like more information please contact Annie today!

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